Raise Your Children

Its does not matter what color you are . . . children need to be raised right. This clip is just disturbing. Teens arrested for torturing a mother and her son. Where are these kids parents? Fuck the, they living in the projects BS . . . WHERE are their parents?

Get it the fuck together people. Raise your children. These LITTLE boys should be tryna get some pussy right now, not torturing a boy to fuck his mom. That just sound disgusting explaining it.


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One response to “Raise Your Children

  1. nyah

    Yes chile. Where the hell are the damn parents. This kind of stuff is just getting way out of hand. Its bad enough they were torturing them but they took it way beyond to trying to force the boy into having sex with his own mother. Makes me think they didnt have much of a father or mother figure or if they did they did a hell of a job at raising these children.

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