WOW. A Tattoo for $10,000 worth of clothes . . .

A FOR COOGI? DO THEY EVEN HAVE $10,00 worth of female clothes? Seriously? Shit, woulda took the money instead.  Ok maybe she onto something, what about BABY PHAT at least? RocaWear?

Man, just see for yourself. (Oh and yes, we did go check out some Coogi attire, and check out Dr. Jay’s Coogi section . . . AGAIN $10,000 of this!!)

Note from – if you notice, we do NOT directly speak about the person in the video.  What you do is what you do, as long as you are happy.  Now what other people say, that’s their business as well.



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12 responses to “WOW. A Tattoo for $10,000 worth of clothes . . .

  1. nyah


  2. Wow look what the world is coming to, get 10K for branding yourself like a slave for some damn clothes…SMFH I would take the money instead of clothes, but you could still spend that much in a day….and her being a nigga she probably did it……O_O…..

  3. the NON-REAL DJ


  4. THANKS FOR THE PUBLICITY for ME and Daymond John (Owner of COOGI) but little did you people know that i got soo much more than 10K in clothes… ha ha once again IM the one laughing… So sure thing follow me… and thanks for watching MY videos…. @DaymondJohnFUBU @nat_bling
    Coogi is only “Not tight” to those who CANT afford it… and NOT many people look at like little blog anyway! ha ha is the website anyway! I LOVE THE HATERS!!

  5. AriesGirl

    WOW. It’s publicity but is it good publicity? You want to be known as a girl who got tatt’d for some clothes? Years from now are you gonna be happy with a COOGI tatt? Coogi has been around for years, and the only time you see it is in the CLUB get it together. FUBU Collection is better than Coogi. Daymond John is a great man, much respect for his work. But it’s a twitter joke gone to far. To do something as tasteless as that, you deserve publicity.

  6. plzgetittogether

    Ok . . . apparently the owner has disabled the video. Thought she was THANKFUL for the publicity. LOL.

  7. ummm actually DAYMOND JOHN… OWNER of the Video has the rights to it…i WILL REPOST it myself… HATERS! LMAO

  8. OHH AND HEY @mz_HONII or whatever NEXT time you right a blog about someone… MAKESURE you have ALL the info… CLEARLY you have NO FACTS and have NO idea what you are talking about… so IF you like ill send you those PLUS size clothes that you clearly are in need of! SO ONCE AGAIN IM the one laughing…. 🙂 MUAH!

  9. plzgetittogether

    Ms. Natalie . . . Mz Honii has nothing to do with this site. We posted the youtube clip just like anything else posted. We do not claim to have any information. All we did is post a clip & a response. The point of the posting was a shock of getting a company tattoo for clothes. Regardless of what ALL THE FACTS ARE . . blah blah blah that is for you to know. If you are ok with what you did, we are happy for you. That’s your business.

  10. Cali's finest

    This Bitch is telling people shes a COOGI model??? She only won a contest and of course the dude gave her dumb ass some clothes because she was dumb enough to get a tattoo for it. He couldn’t believe there was someone DUMB enough to do that so he flew her out to see the truth. When she got there all he did was the complimentary things. Took her out to eat, let her get a complimentary photoshoot, and let her pick out her clothes which she hasn’t even got yet!!! LOL!! He don’t even know shes telling people shes HIS model or the “COOGI” girl ha ha ha!!! She has to hit him up 50 times for ONE response.
    Thats a Lying ass bitch. I bet if you asked all the dudes to speak up in unison who think she is talking “exclusively” to them, twitter would get a laugh. And ask her about how Dneez came to Fresno, fucked the bitch, and she thought it was supposed to be more with them. NOT he just got some easy internet ass and bounced!!lol, So now she calls him a “client”. HA Ha… well i guess we know her REAL JOB! He might or might not admit it because he don’t want his other bitches to know he fucked that nasty bitch. But he made her relax and just “be friends” because at first she was calling him out on twitter and saying his sex was wack, and he thinks he’s all that… she just didn’t use his name. But somehow he got her to shut all that up without putting his name out there. So they are cool now i guess. But IT HAPPENED! LOL. The bitch is a JOKE. Ask her why doesnt she have a license, or a CAR, or a Home, but she has A Child? That’s somebody who’s “grinding” and successful???? Red Carpet my ass. Section 8 carpet is more like it! Wow. What Celeb or even semi-celeb would want that thirsty Beverly Hillbilly?? You should see her family, they are like Little house on the prarie.

  11. nyah

    LMAO. Coogi clothing is bullshit. I mean I wear babyphat. I wear rocawear. I wear cute clothes. I saw some of the womens clothing coogi has to offer and that shit is bunk, whack. Its any name other than cute! thats what I have to say about it. So if you have a problem with people calling you stupid you shouldnt of done it. And you damn sure shouldnt of posted the video. I have an idea. how about you go sell those ugly clothes to someone like you who is dumb enough to even be seen in them. And go buy yourself something worth wearing, LMAO. *smh* at all of you who are calling us haters.

  12. AriesGirl

    To make it worse, the blog comment didn’t even talk directly about the person – she really is taking it to heart now. She put herself out there now with her comments. All that extra isn’t necessary. If you proud of what you did, SAY it and just leave it at that. No need for explanations or calling people haters.

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