BANNED – Can’t be covered in a pool

Gonna start this post off by showing you what a BURQUINI/BURQINI/BURKINI is.


definition – A head-to-toe swimsuit, enabling women to conform to the Islamic dress code when bathing on a public beach

The issue . . . a woman was BANNED from a French pole citing, she could not wear the burquini.  Now officials say, it was not a hostile reason, considering the burquini directly shows the woman is Muslim, but BECAUSE (get this) of hygiene standards.

WTF. They are stating that because these clothes can be worn outside, it carries more germs.

“These clothes are used in public, so they can contain molecules, viruses, et cetera, which will go in the water and could be transmitted to other bathers,” Guillaume said in a telephone interview. (Read FULL article here)

NOW WAIT A MINUTE . . . aren’t pools treated so protect from germs and bodily fluids such as urine?  Come on now, they can’t excuse this ban with that hot mess.

Then the woman tried to file a complaint and it was not accepted, stating it was groundless.

We’re behind her on this one. Complain, protest, do what you have to do. They need to GET IT TOGETHER.



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7 responses to “BANNED – Can’t be covered in a pool

  1. AriesGirl

    Ok I went and read the whole article and I have to agree with the post. Aren’t pools treated? So really what germs is she bringing in? And if it’s germs on her attire, well wouldn’t it be germs on bathing suits as well? Im sure it’s not an outfit she wore off the street, but changed into it, just like anyone else would. Im sorry, I think she was banned because she is Muslim. That excuse was lame and they would not accept her complaint.

  2. plzgetittogether

    Yes this is definitely something we are gonna follow up with. They just can not make that reason make sense.

  3. nyah

    i honestly think there is nothing wrong with those suits. they are cute if you like that style. they are made with the proper material swimsuits are usually made out of. whats next about this. so what does that mean you cant wear a wetsuite to a pool or a beach now? does this mean women who arent that comfortable with their bodies cant wear shirts and shorts in the pool to make themselves feel more comfortable around all those skinny bishes? I think that is utterly ridiculous and whomever is responsible for kicking her out should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. plzgetittogether

    EXACTLY – the Burqini is made from the same material as other swimwear, so AGAIN they can not make a logical reason. It was because of her religion.

  5. Malaika

    I have an issue with this, I am sorry but I do. Everyone is so quick to cry about discrimination, whether it’s because of sex, gender, color, religion, sometimes people wrong is just wrong only cause it’s wrong.

    Trust me, if there are rules then they are meant to be followed, now if this woman had been in the water with the suit and someone caught a virus, then there would be a lawsuit.

    My children go to a very strict rules public pool here in Queens, NY. My son was turned around because he had swim trunks without a liner, so he went back home, and next time was up to par with the restrictions.

    Rules are rules are rules for consumers protection, they were not made to annoy this lady in particular,


    • AriesGirl

      Ok I see your point, however, if that is her swimming attire, an exception to the rule should be made or revised. Also, if she puts on her swimwear, just like somebody else, how can they accuse her of bringing germs. What’s the difference if somebody wears their bathing suit UNDER clothes. What would be the difference in germs from that, than her putting her swimwear on at the pool? She might ONLY put hers on at the pool like other swimmers might, so what difference is that?

      “These clothes are used in public, so they can contain molecules, viruses, et cetera, which will go in the water and could be transmitted to other bathers,” Guillaume said in a telephone interview.

      How did he determine that? I think it’s because she was blatantly islamic.

  6. oneil

    muslim always have issue with something,stay in yoru country and go to your pool,why all countries have to kiss your ass

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