Japan has introduced us to a lot of stuff . . . now meet TENGA & their sex eggs.  Yes that’s right.


For $80 a carton you can get these sex eggs in a variety!  (Clicker, Wavy, Spider, Twister, Stepper, Silky.) These are male masturbation toys.

For more information & toys visit

(LMAO they need to get it together and get some real business instead of making all these crafty ass toys!!)



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2 responses to “EGG-TURBATION anyone?

  1. AriesGirl

    OMG. I wanna see somebody try this.

  2. Malaika

    I have no issues with sex toys, as a matter of fact, never mind but is this for a man or woman to use? I am a little confused, cause if its for a man, then that man’s not for me, if it’s for a woman, then where can I get one!

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