I don’t need my own, just use it in the Apple Store

Honestly . . . we caught this off of a tweet, thought it was just a ONE TIME thing, but check it, this chic appears to regularly do this!!!

WAT DI HELL?!?!?!?

GET IT TOGETHER . . . buy your OWN and use it at HOME.  *Make sure you look at the related videos*



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2 responses to “I don’t need my own, just use it in the Apple Store

  1. AriesGirl

    um if she is a model, ima need her to get her hair done. mad the dude standing there look at her in the back. i would have to actually, i woulda just said YO YOU SERIOUSLY recording in a store? LMAO. and next time, fix urself BEFORE you start recording LMAO.

  2. nyah

    This was actually kind of sad. Look at her in the middle of an app store looking a mess. Im sorry but you cant say she wasnt. Look at the do! WTF was she thinking with that. Id say you have to be a little out of your mind or just out of it to send videos via webcam in a damn store. There is a such thing as purchasing one of those cams and taking it home ms charlette related to Emmet Till. You say youre a model. You say that you have CDs out. She really needs to get it together.

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