Ok so really the site just started when the Stephon Marbury clips came out.  But yes WE HAD TO GO BACK and find them and post them.

PS this post is dedicated to @ItsMeNyah on Twitter. LMAO. Who had enough gull to twit the man about his issues.

STEPHON – GET IT THE FUCK TOGETHER. DUDE WHAT IS WRONG? Eating Vaseline? Did you really do it or you wiped your finger off before you should the camera again?? CRYING?? Are you guilty of something and caught the guilt bug when you heard the song? AND WHO THE HELL is that catching the spirit waving their arm in the background?  And WTF are you talking about in the car? Dude you rambling. Alright & not sure if you were dancing to BARBIE GIRL or not but DAMN – DUDE WTF is you doing?? SMH.

Do you need a break? Take one please.



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2 responses to “STARBURY?? WE HERE TO HELP YOU.

  1. nyah

    lmao. This is ItsMeNyah from twitter. if youre reading this and youre not following me, please do so. For serious though. Stephon Marbury must be doing some serious drugs. In the first clip he swallows Vaseline… Um Stephon, did you need to coat your throat for a certain reason? Yall know what im talking about. Does it make things slide down your throat more easily? You said its for a sore throat but I find that so hard to believe. Thats due to the fact that of the second video shown above. umm why did you look into the camera 12 secs into the video. Thats what gave me a clue i was about to witness some funny shit. Better Question: Why did you not have a shirt on in the clip. Even better question: why the hell did your friend put his arm around you to console you while you were shirtless? The third vid is just a plain old mess. Your driver hits something. Not knowing what it was you decide to blame it on the devil. And you force him to drive off.. Wheretheydodatat? I say you definitely need to get it together. You said that you will pray for me but I think its safe to say from what weve all seen, we need to pray for you hunny.

  2. AriesGirl

    GOOD BROTHA GONE BAD. Mr. Marbury, you have issues. Get some help.

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