Step Outside Your Box


Understand this site is here to make you laugh & learn.  This post is actually inspired by SO CALLED REALITY TV.

Today is a slew of them from raising multiple children to fashion to love to game shows. All of them have one thing in common, whiny ass people bitching about one thing or another. So today’s post is a serious one.

A REAL REALITY.  PLEASE get it together & be thankful for your reality, whether is a good or one that needs some change. Be thankful you need to clean up or your car is in the shop & can be fixed. Be thankful your bad ass kids can go outside & play in one piece.  Be thankful you can sit on twitter all day. BE THANKFUL.

Here are pictures from the Gaza.



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3 responses to “Step Outside Your Box

  1. why you making me frown on this monday, especially children, now im sad 😦

  2. plzgetittogether

    sadly, its a reality some face everyday. we can just look away, it’s people out there who can’t.

  3. Big up fi dis post. a di REAL Gaza dis…bout some bwoy a fight inna chune an pon stage bout Gaza & Gully. Waa see dem guh fight inna dis REAL war!

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