Girl or Boy? What’s your vote?

Caster Semenya . . .

She’s giving Bolt a run for his money . . . 1st in the 800 woman’s meter by 2.45 secs . . . may be stripped if gender test prove she is a male.

What do you think? Some pics, she looks VERY MANLY, some childlike, and the others really just like the other woman.  One thing to notice is that, look at the running outfit of the other woman compared to her.  Mind you, she is 18.

Click Here for the article.


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One response to “Girl or Boy? What’s your vote?

  1. nyah

    Okay so it turns out that she is really both. After all this time and speculation the seemed to be woman is a hermaphrodite. Its not news to me at all cause I figured something was going on down there. But I had no idea she had both organs I just thought she was a he. I feel kind of bad though cause they didnt tell her what she was being tested for. And then when they found out they couldve handled the situation more delicate. Now the poor boy/girl is on suicide watch. Please get it together people. If that was your child I bet you wouldnt of been so quick to embarrass them in such a way as they did her. SMH

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