Now wait just a damn minute . . . if this kid/adult is moving this damn fast, tub a lub get it together & go to the gym and get in shape. WTF. Sorry.  This person moving like he chasing a plate of damn food after being left hungry for 3 days.

Not only did he lose but damn his ass fell at the end. LMAO. GET IT TOGETHER!!



Filed under Funny Vids, Hot Mess

2 responses to “HOLD ON WAIT

  1. AriesGirl

    Im mad he can move that fast for a damn game.

  2. nyah

    NOW THIS VIDEO IS PURE COMEDY.. OMG. How can he move his feet that damn fast and be so big. I cant even move mine that fast and I am 5’4 135 lbs. Is that dance dance revolution? Is the prize a free trip through the buffet line? Thats the question that comes to mind when you see someone who can move that fast and not look like they can move that fast.

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