FIGHTS (Volume 1)

BIG UP  our supporter G Sweetness for the fights email. Yea we late but we’re using it!!!!! It’s labeled Volume 1 cuz yea, we know it’ll be a lot more of these coming. It’s not right, but BOXING is a popular sport, fist to fist action is something we like . . . HOWEVER . . .

PEOPLE – GET THIS SHIT TOGETHER.  Ya’ll not getting paid for this. Learn from this as well, WATCH YOUR BACK. You might never know when you bout to get JUMPED and end up on YOUTUBE!!!


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One response to “FIGHTS (Volume 1)

  1. nyah

    This comment is for the below video.. WTF!!!! WTF!!!! WTF!!! I swear as i was watching I was like that girl dont have no pants on. And then her legs started to look more and more like pants. So im like okay cool then. When the girls started fighting again you could CLEARLY see the young lady was pantless. And hell maybe pantieless cause I did happen to see a full moon and it wasnt a pretty one. However I must say that girl was whoopin some serious ass. I couldnt tell but it looked like she took not 1 but 2 shit talking bitches on. but for real. Next time you decide to fight in a Dennys IHop Where ever the hell you at… get it together and dont leave home without pants. Or at least panties. If not full panties at least a thong. Something. I think I even saw a pad between her legs! SMH in disgust. Get it together!

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