HILARIOUS!!!! Get it together you drinkers!!!!



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2 responses to “I LIKE DRINKING

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  2. nyah

    Dammit I like drinking too. Who doesnt. I mean if you are over 21 and youve ever been intoxicated you love the feeling. Unless of course you are the people in the above video.. SMH. I have never fallen down drunk before. Well I almost fell out of a club door once but the security happened to be at the door at that exact time and caught me. Thank God. But thats besides the point, lmao.. These people really need to get it together. Especially with this public intoxication. I mean seriously. You cant even walk down the street without falling down piss drunk.. GET IT TOGETHA. You are so drunk that you think flipping off the roof of a car is a good idea? GET IT TOGETHA. You are in the presence of police and display your drunken self even if it is an accident? GET IT TOGETHA!

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