Do it come with seeds too?

Watermelon Soda

So do it come with seeds for us to spit out too???  Alright now, we found this on a another site titled “Niggas finally got soda too”. SMH.  Maybe they KNEW it was going to be slandered so they put that COUNTRY ass looking white boy on the other can (look on the shelf).

LMAO. So they said only big lipped brown people (look @ the girls lips!!) and country ass white jacked up teeth white boys like watermelon???

If this shit right here ain’t stereotyped. WTF.  OH YA’LL NEED TO GET THIS SHIT TOGETHER!!



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3 responses to “Do it come with seeds too?

  1. nyah

    OMG. Watermelon. Is that like soda? And lmao @ the black face girl.. SMH.. Black face.. I thought we moved way beyond that shit. And the black lips. Who they think she is? Lil Bill sister? Yall all remember little Bill.. The little cartoon boy with those unnecessarily big ass 2 toned pink lips? At least like you said they have the crazy white boy can too..

  2. Tings can not be sold if they are not bought.

  3. plzgetittogether

    True @ Genie.

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