Ummm. Contest Maybe?

We speechless. This ok, we thought was funny cute at first. But then as the video went on, we noticed ok, it seems like maybe they are MAKING them do this. Like one part you even see a woman get behind the girl on the wall (yes watch the full clip) and start moving her hips for her.

Just get it together. At the end all the kids line up and it appears it was a contest. We just don’t know. It just don’t look right.


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One response to “Ummm. Contest Maybe?

  1. nyah

    This is too shocking for words.. The little girl bent over on the ground and the little boy gets behind her and starts grinding. What kind of kids are these but most important question: What kind of parents do they have? Is this a little birthday party because I did see one girl in a tiara. Even if it is a party there are some things and dances little kids just shouldnt do or be exposed to. The girls wrapping they legs around the boys waists.. Who the hell taught them that and why are the parents approving of it. I mean they have to be. This was being filmed. Please get it together people!

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