Don’t you just love them???


in the Britney pic the circles represent all the wrong things – IE that’s a pink lighter in her sons hand & he’s grabbing cigarettes . . . WORD . . . Can we stamp a GET IT TOGETHER on her forehead???

Also . . . we wonder if those cops got fired yet??? LMAO.

Is it us or LIL MAMA looks like an OLD MAMA???

AND WTF is dude in that top picture??? BEAST MAN??


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One response to “Awww HOT MESSES!!!!

  1. nyah

    LMAO @ dude in the top picture. I think he went in and said I want you to make me look like the DEVIL!!!! And boy they did a good job. If it were night time and I didnt have my co workers around me and I had come across these pics? Especially the top one, I would be scared for my life. All of these are hot messes. But the beast man. He takes the cake. And then the ears hanging. Now that I look at this more he looks like a goat or something. A goat monster. A goat devil. The Devil is supposed to have some goatly features so mission accomplished. Wassup with those cops in the cop car in uniform.. posing while spreading a prostitutes most likely infected vagina. And he isnt wearing gloves. All I can say is at least he didnt have his tongue in that area. They deserve to be fired and the woman in the pic needs to be stoned to death. She probably did that shit to get out of a ticket. Theres no telling with that one.

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