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Get it together. The hell you’d even play yourself like this. We can’t even tell what the hell you are. On a serious note, we sure you are a nice person, please take this down & better yourself. Yu Zeet??



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IN THE BUTT . . . that’s what he said . . .

Would say get it together but hey, if hetero people sing/rap about what they do, hell guess them folks can sing/rap bout how they do it too . . . but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . . it just makes for a funny ass video.

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Take U To The Movies. . .

YESSSSSSSSSS You know like to break those HAPPENING HOT EXCLUSIVE music videos for you . . .

WHEW. GET IT TOGETHER . . . we can’t even think of any comments for this one.

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Dick Towel anyone??

Christmas time is coming, so far we’ve given you the Vulva Pendant, the Edible Anus, now we bring you . . . Dick Towel!!!!

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Basic Bitches Strike Again . . .

“Trick Niggas Fuck For Free, Real Niggas Fuck Bitches Like Me”


Thanks MTO for getting it together & being the BASIC BITCH R US site. Gotta lov it!!

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We originally learned of this story on our affiliate site (click for link here, there is a video clip)

The full article can be found here from the (The Detroit News).

With being said, I can understand, this parent being angry for something that their child has done. It is a lot of parents or murderers and rapists, who MUST feel disgusting. But they do not bring HARM to their child.

A 15yr old boy was MURDERED, EXECUTION STYLE, for allegedly touching a 3yr old. This bastard, made his SON walk outside naked, kneel down on the ground, and shot in him the back of his head.

HOW ON EARTH can you do this to a child? BEAT HIM for his wrong. PUNISH HIM for his wrong. BUT MURDER??

This bastard needs too be shot too. DEATH PENALTY. ASAP.

Can’t even tell him to GET IT TOGETHER, he obviously has nothing to get together.

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And sum of us can’t touch our toes


you lazy asses.

If he can do this, than EVERYBODY should be able to touch their toes!!!

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