GET IT BOO!!!!!!


Hey you might not like it, but his moves better than some of the chicks you know & you KNOW THIS!!!!  Did kinda think it was a chick at the beginning . . . however instead of the songs he played we got a better one for this . . .  BE WARNED THIS IS A MALE, SO DON’T WATCH IT IF YOU GONNA FEEL SOME KINDA WAY ABOUT IT.

(Note to Patch – Big Up SOCA 2K10 – this tune just happened to fit with this lol, he dancing like he got a pussy, but all he can give is PIPE!!)



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2 responses to “GET IT BOO!!!!!!

  1. ok let me address these videos one by one, first of all doing more research on the first video, this dude makes me feel a way, same way some of these “Is it a man or woman” on Maury make me feel. I guess there is no excuse for us women to look busted when a man can look so damn good, come on now u know some of them trani look bad as hell.

    Video #2
    After being schooled on what a pipe is…no comment please, wtf i know soca sing bout everything “who let the dog out” but …

  2. God soon come feem werl…nuh kno wah dat. Skin softa dan mine…no sah…no man nuh deh deh…

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