Mommy lemme try it . . .

The expression on the lil girls face says it all


Wonder if that was her daughter? Not only that it’s another dick beside it, and other kids in the pic. Is the lady a professional dick sucker? Really. Or is she running a school for early whoring??




Filed under EPIC FAIL, Hot Mess, Raise Your Children Right, Really Now

2 responses to “Mommy lemme try it . . .

  1. nyah

    This is an example of parenting at its worse… Who is that woman.. She actually looks like she could be the little girls grandma.. Look at the girls face… Shes saying OMG what is grandma doing? And look at the other girl in the back… With her head tilted to the side. Like, so thats how its done huh??? WTF.. Who does this.. I think she should be arrested…

  2. Can I have some? lol, this is the cake that will be served at Lisa Hype birthday party!!! dwlllllllllll

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