Ok now . . .

Posting everything you record is getting to be too much. Can youtube’d be policed for eediats???

Honestly, who cares why these too woman was fighting. Let’s look at the key points . . . #1 it’s a little boy just wondering around #2 this little boy belongs to one of these woman and is watching this eediat fight #3 these dudes is just standing around recording it not doing anything.

Youtube description says that these chics were fighting over some shoes . . . WTF. Really?? Who really knows why but ALL PARTIES involved . . . GET IT THE FUCK TOGETHER.

Help each other, don’t hinder. (Oh and really, we have no clue what the guy narrating is talking about, all we did was fast forward to the actual footage)




Filed under Fights, Hot Mess, Raise Your Children Right, Really Now, U just need common sense, WTH

2 responses to “Ok now . . .

  1. dddddddwwwwwwwwwwllll sometimes i cant event comment i just have to smh

  2. Genie Sweetness

    Not a very good camera man…the girl needs to wash better…her batty did two-tone…

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