This is why . . .

You don’t get somebody name tatt’d on your body. Love isn’t guaranteed, especially if it ain’t yours to love anyways.

So the picture below is out of Fantasia . . .

Now surfing the net we caught this blog post from . . . . . . where she denies the WHOLE thing. So we decided to add one more pic . . .

Photoshop can create WONDERS we know that . . . but really, who would take the time to meticulously add a tat to Fantasia?

Please . . . GET IT TOGETHER.




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One response to “This is why . . .

  1. SHE can deny it till she is either blue in the face or she goes pay $$$ to have it removed, why do that to herself? Forget the fact that he wasn’t yours to start with, girl you are a star damn it, you don’t need a man to validate you, you don’t need to show off to his wife (cause u know thats why she did it), now what? Is that what u r teaching ur daughter, at least have it somewhere no one would know about…

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