Corset Piercing Anyone??

Corsets . . . did you know they still exist? No no not just a a lil dress up for the mate thing, but seriously.

Here is a woman in the 1800s . . . A corsets molded, cinched, flatten  . . . yes basically squeezed the shit out of a woman’s wasitline. Now above was the 1800s . . . Here is a clip of a woman who has worn a corset for over 20 yrs . . . in PRESENT time . . .(

But this shit down below. WOW.





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3 responses to “Corset Piercing Anyone??

  1. ok at first i was like helllll yeah, i love piercings (don’t judge me or ask how many I have), but then when I saw this…well thank God I didn’t eat breakfast yet.

    Though let me say that to each their own, whatever self expression you wanna use more power to you, still, the bitch crazy!

  2. plzgetittogether

    The crazy thing is. This is a popular thing. Youtube, CORSET PIERCING, it’s a lot of them. I don’t get it. What if somebody pulls it? Ewwwww.

  3. ok u jus scared the heck out of me with the piercing. damn! and to think i was gonna get another piercing…never mind..

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