Yet Again . . .

(1st congrats on your baby & congrats on your engagement, but sorry this was an easy one for example . . .)

WHY DO PEOPLE TAT OTHER PEOPLES NAME IN TOO OBVIOUS PLACES? Yea we hitting on this again (see the fantasia post)

Ok so people like to tat their LOVED ONE AT THE TIMES name. Yup that’s what we said, don’t front people you know you’ve seen plenty friends with cover ups of old lovers name, add ons (like ok those initals now stand for my kids name), or just keep them hidden (like tats over the heart area lol), but come on, how you tat somebody name and you not even married yet? At least if you made it to the alter it’s a chance of it being LONG TIME.

(it says TRULY BLESSED D. Gibson – name of her fiance)




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