It Happens Anywhere . . .

Don’t be fooled, people think child trafficking happens anywhere . . . and by anybody.  SMH. If we listened right, the man trying to sell this girl is her uncle? And he CLEARLY says, “No, I don’t give her no money”.

This clip is from youtube & not the WSHH video. We used  the youtube clip because it links back to an agency that fights for children & woman’s welfare.



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One response to “It Happens Anywhere . . .

  1. Pilot me oh saviour! my heart sink just a minute ago wtf??? this man selling his neice??? he’s a sick sick man and i hope he rot in prison! omg!!!!
    This is why you cant trust ANYONE with your children. sigh.
    Seeing this video make me want to give my 2 uncles a hug and a kiss cause jahkno, they protected me, was always there for me and never in any shape or form put me in danger. these men are scums of the earth and is a disgrace to the human race!!
    Thnx mama for sending the link, I will pass it on, sigh..

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