$500 for a HOT POT

Really Now? Just saying, don’t even need comments for this one, just read the article. SMH.

Ok Ok 1 comment . . . people dying cuz they don’t have a POT to boil water in but you charging somebody $500 to cook in a damn pot? Get it together please!!




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2 responses to “$500 for a HOT POT

  1. I think u got it wrong chica, the pot comes with a year supply of food, I mean it must right…

  2. plzgetittogether

    you know what in some countries, a $500 hot pot, could be at least a few months of food, but in this case, nooooo, it’s just a damn meal. as a matter of fact, they said something about spending $60 to 80,000 to buy GOLD pots. WTF.

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