So enough with this fuckery already. Here we go “another man” (and get this both the people in this story, we’re WOMAN who became men) is having a baby. No it’s a damn FEMALE. IF YOU LOOK LIKE A MAN, WALK LIKE A MAN, than YOU should not be having a BABY.

And if it was . . . THAN IT WOULD NOT BE HAVING A BABY. Ok look, people really need to stop playing with the hand of God. How you gonna NOT be a female, but want to BARE a child? It’s not right AT ALL. As it’s homosexuality is not natural, we were born MALE + FEMALE, and people are making this acceptable now, ok, but DAMN to insinuate, a MAN having a BABY as acceptable? NEVER.

No matter how far this goes on, be real, WOMAN + WOMAN or MAN + MAN = nothing, MAN + WOMAN = the future. End of story. Get it together.

Here is the article.

(1st pic if the “men” in above article, 2nd pic is Thomas Beattie, the 1st “man” to have a baby)



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One response to “MEN CAN NOT HAVE BABIES

  1. see I come from the school of thoughts of not judging people’s lives cause I’m not trying to have anyone comment on mine.

    That being said I would LOVEEEEEEEEE for men to be pregnant, lmbao, you think the Maury show is bad now, dwl imagine how many men wouldn’t know their baby mama.

    Alas this gentleman by look is not a man by nature thus it’s not really a man being pregnant!

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