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What makes this clip so DAMN funny is, dude is WAILING on the other guy . . . but then . . . just watch how he exits.



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For this song to be cut off . . . cho . . . we posting it but damn, for warning you might not wanna listen to it.

Give people a camera and some music and they think they artist . . .

Guess somebody like it though, although comments were disabled lol, wonder what people were saying . . .



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She’s ready to break a record . . .

to become the fattest bitch in the world. now. wtf. lady get it together . . . you have people who are bed ridden and die fat. you have a kid to take care of. you already can’t walk around and you want to keep getting fat?

when you get to fat to fuck, what is your man gonna do? leave you for a SMALLER fat bitch? get it together, this ain’t cute or healthy.

thanks mto for these pics. big up for this one.



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You never know people . . .

Award winning video director . . . just saying that you think something positive is going to come after it right?

Hell nah. That’s why they tell you . . . YOU NEVER REALLY KNOW SOMEBODY . . .

Aswad Ayinde – award winning director of “Killing Me Softly” was arrested in 2006 and now stands in court for repeadetly raping his daughters to make a “PURE BLOODLINE”

You a sick bastard. He don’t EVEN deserve to GET IT TOGETHER, he deserves a slow painful death by getting raped in jail.

Read the article here, if you even want too.


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She gotta get her money too

introducing . . .

the ONE LEGGED stripper . . . hey we can’t even tell you to get it together, at least she making her money. lol.


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Look good >> even when the world freeze over . . .

Chanel says, even though we facing global warming, seas rising, and a well enviromental catastrophy, you can still look good.  Unveiling the 2010/11 ready to wear fashion line with fake fur . . . here just look . . .

YETI MEN??? Really though? The runway stage was even set with melting icebergs and the models walked around getting hemlines muddled in water. Very interesting. But Kudos to anyone shedding light on the hurting environment!

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Um . . . Cute or Tacky?

You decide. Mel B’s 2 year old daughter sporting a shaved hair style . . .

We say PLEASE get it together, at that age a child is still developing, shaving her hair this young in the name of fashion or style, will it hinder her hair growth later?



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