She’s ready to break a record . . .

to become the fattest bitch in the world. now. wtf. lady get it together . . . you have people who are bed ridden and die fat. you have a kid to take care of. you already can’t walk around and you want to keep getting fat?

when you get to fat to fuck, what is your man gonna do? leave you for a SMALLER fat bitch? get it together, this ain’t cute or healthy.

thanks mto for these pics. big up for this one.




Filed under Basic Bitch

4 responses to “She’s ready to break a record . . .

  1. *Note to self* pick up case of slim fast.

  2. AriesGirl

    I can’t believe this guy is helping to kill his girlfriend. That’s what he is doing. So he has a fat fetish (in the MTO article) but this is too fat. What is gonna happen when she die and the lil girl loose her mother? Kiss Teeth.

  3. She needs a more supportive bra…that’s all.

  4. Side Note: Wonda if a she a cause all di earthquake dem dis year?

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