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Wii Fit accident made me a sex addict: U.K. woman

I specifically been told by PGIT admin to post under anonymous since there is a lot of fuckery going on, and I might get in trouble for this BUT as lonely as I am, I soooo understand how this WII thing can turn someone into an addict. Don’t the joystick vibrate?

TORONTO SUN: A woman in the United Kingdom says she has the urge to have sex up to 10 times a day after she fell off her Wii Fit board.

“It began as a twinge down below before surging through my body. Sometimes it built up into a trembling orgasm,” Amanda Flowers of Manchester told the U.K.’s Daily Star. “With no cure I just have to try to control my passion by breathing deeply.”

A doctor diagnosed her with persistent sexual arousal syndrome, saying she likely damaged a nerve in the fall.

She told the Daily Star that small vibrations, like the one from her cellphone or a food processor, turns her on.

Flowers is single, but hopes to find a boyfriend.


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Wife suffers tonsil injury from oral sex

What can we really ad to this story?

A young woman from Moscow received emergency treatment after suffering a serious injury to the mucous membranes in her throat while performing fellatio on her husband.
The 19-year-old woman, who was not identified, was treated for injury of the mucous membrane of her right tonsil when she woke up with blood in her mouth after a night of wild passion, Pravda reports.

The couple has been married only a short time, which probably explained how the injury occurred, medics said. Aggressive oral sex was cited as the cause.[source]

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Great! Not every fashion line puts clothes to waste

Back afterChristmas time we made a post about HM trashing clothes instead of helping out a community who may have needed the clothes.

Well KUDOS to Ralph Lauren Polo . . . they have made a limited edition HAITI RELIEF SHIRT. They have men & women custom, fitted, regular, and big/tall polos, in colors, red, white, and blue. Priced at $98 for regular sizes, and $110 for the big/tall man. 100% of proceeds are forwarded to charity.



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PSA :: FRANCE (Lol damn sure ain’t from the US)

Don’t you love creativity? This PSA is great and really makes an excellent, memorable point.

This would NEVERRRRRRRRRRR be played on American TV as a PSA.


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Failure by Failure

This never gets old. Why cuz it’s always 2 people in the world . . . people who HAVE it together & people who don’t . . . and well . . .


So look here, we take it that

She came out the house with no panties on & a hairy bush, thinking it was easy access for ol dude over here with his lil teeny weeny weewee hanging out.

Hope ya’ll see this shit. GET IT TOGETHER.


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C’MON SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C’mon son, who you think you are son? Antonio Banderas son son???


Instead of GET IT TOGETHER . . . we might need to change the site to C’MON SON!!!!

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