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A lover is not worth this . . .

Do you see these beautiful girls below?

They were stabbed to death by this bitch below . . . their mother . . . cuz her husband left her. One girl 37 times, the other 29 times. You basic triflin nasty bitch. That is probably why he left you. You killed your daughters over a man. You coulda found another one but you will NEVER get your daughters back.

Read the full story here. And she got 33 years. She needs to spend her life there, let her rot & die in jail.



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Trifling Fat Ass . . .

Alright so if you haven’t heard, a couple got arrested for having their 12 yr old daughter locked up in a closet for the past year for stealing food out the refrigerator.

Well now obviously it must have been for mom’s fat ass to take all the food. Take a look at the pic, mom’s face alone is as round as a cake. The girl has 2 brothers, maybe they were too big to fit in a closet too. Anyways thanks to one of the brother’s they told the school, and the school went to the house and found the girl locked up in the closet.

What they need to do is put mom’s fat ass in a prison cell for a year. Dad too, but really, we have a feeling it was mom’s doing.


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And he just kills her . . .

This clip right here, is a prime example. If you have a controlling, psycho mate, try to remove yourself from the situation. Straight up, after you see this clip, if this is what this man did, PUBLICLY, imagine what he did behind close doors to her.  Sad, that instead of trying to attack him, everybody just fled. Yes, GUN vs HAND, is an uneven match but damn, her shot her how many times?

Get it together . . . this wasn’t something that just happened, something else lead up to this. Also, if you have any heart, help somebody or try to in a situation like this. Don’t just flee and watch somebody die.


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Somebody come bury this basic tragedy.



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Yea another, Why?

Straight up. Why? Wtf? We just know not only do you need to get it together, you get a HUGE, FAIL.

This isn’t sexy, funny, or cute. Actually if Child Services see this, they might say it’s neglect or abuse some sort of way. What morals are you teaching this kid?


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Ok now . . .

Posting everything you record is getting to be too much. Can youtube’d be policed for eediats???

Honestly, who cares why these too woman was fighting. Let’s look at the key points . . . #1 it’s a little boy just wondering around #2 this little boy belongs to one of these woman and is watching this eediat fight #3 these dudes is just standing around recording it not doing anything.

Youtube description says that these chics were fighting over some shoes . . . WTF. Really?? Who really knows why but ALL PARTIES involved . . . GET IT THE FUCK TOGETHER.

Help each other, don’t hinder. (Oh and really, we have no clue what the guy narrating is talking about, all we did was fast forward to the actual footage)



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Mommy lemme try it . . .

The expression on the lil girls face says it all


Wonder if that was her daughter? Not only that it’s another dick beside it, and other kids in the pic. Is the lady a professional dick sucker? Really. Or is she running a school for early whoring??



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